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How to secure your home this Festive Season

19 Nov 2018
With Christmas decorations and travel plans for the festive season already in full swing, home owners need to be reminded about the safety factors involved.

Eagle Canyon Estate - The Golfer's Paradise

12 Nov 2018
Ever considered living in a luxurious golfing estate with views that are sure to be the envy of just about anyone?

You Can Afford To Live in Sandton

05 Oct 2018
While some properties in Sandton are multi-million rand abodes, buyers can still find competitively priced and affordable homes within their price range.

What Is Your Property Worth?

04 Oct 2018
Whether you are have actively decided to sell your home or want to know what you could potentially get for it if you wanted to sell it...

Give Your Home A Fresh New Look This Spring

20 Sep 2018
As the warm weather starts to roll in and winter becomes a thing of the past, it is a great time of the year to give your home a little TLC and a fresh new...

Beauty For Sale In Blair Atholl Golf Estate

17 Sep 2018
Living in an estate has become a symbol of luxury living and one of the preferred types of living in South Africa.

How You Can Find The Perfect Home

16 Aug 2018
Finding the perfect home can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start and if you are unfamiliar with the residential property market.

Gauteng: Where is Generation Y Buying?

15 Aug 2018
Generation Y is a generational demographic cohort referring to individuals born between 1980 and 2000.

Invest in a Holiday Retreat in Hekpoort

03 Jul 2018
South Africa’s tourism industry has long been a strong contributor to the country’s economy...

Give Your Home a Facelift With These Affordable Decor Tips

03 Jul 2018
As the saying goes, “ home is where the heart is”, but what happens when your no longer feels like it has any heart?..
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