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Things to do in Sandton in Autumn

08 Apr 2019
Sandton is famous for its elite lifestyle, shopping sprees, flashy cars, and more.

Minimalist decor trends for your home

08 Apr 2019
Look around your home. Do you feel like there is just too much going on?

Recycling household items

04 Mar 2019
You don't have to become an environmentalist or drastically change your life in order to save the planet, you can start off with the little things in your home.

Why you should choose RE/MAX Masters as your agents

01 Mar 2019
With the property market so broad and diverse, both buyers and sellers need an agent who has their best interests at heart.

Invest in your home or move?

07 Feb 2019
Deciding if you should be investing in your home or purchasing a new property is a tough decision.

Pros and cons of working from home

07 Feb 2019
The idea of working from home is a sanctuary to most people, but for some, it may be a disastrous move.

Steps to get out of debt

21 Jan 2019
Having that credit option is always a great idea for the moment but it all needs to be paid back with interest in the new year.

Modern Living at Monaghan Farm

21 Jan 2019
Home buyers in South Africa are becoming more focused on living in a secure environment with easy access to amenities and outdoor and sporting activities.

Simple DIY festive decorating tips

03 Dec 2018
There is no need to spend a fortune this festive season on decorating your home. If you need some inspiration, you and your guests will love these tips.

Factors to consider when choosing a neighbourhood

03 Dec 2018
When buying a home it is wise to analyse the neighbourhood thoroughly to avoid any buyers remorse.
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